International Center

International Center

Dokkyo University's goal is to cultivate specialized human resources equipped with the type of international education required to play a leading role in today's globalized society. This is why we focus our efforts on providing a comprehensive education that includes foreign languages, cultural knowledge, and specialized knowledge and skills.

Since its establishment as a support base for such educational activities, the International Center has served as the first point of contact for overseas educational institutions and organizations, such as our partner institutions.

The International Center also contributes to the growth of Dokkyo University's international exchanges through a wide variety of activities, including the management of the exchange program, the planning and implementation of study abroad programs, the establishment of research collaborations, and the holding of international symposiums.

In order to share and further develop these values, we are undertaking the following initiatives.

Dokkyo International Forum

Dokkyo University has held the Dokkyo International Forum once a year since 1986 to promote international exchanges. The aim of this forum is to contribute to the enrichment and development of Dokkyo University by adopting timely themes on an international scale and presenting lively and engaging discussions to the public. In principle, the forum is held as a "professional discussion forum" for researchers, but some or all of the forum may be opened to the general public depending on the theme and speakers.
For more information, please see the Dokkyo International Forum Page.

International Joint Research

In order to contribute to international academic exchanges and advances, Dokkyo University promotes joint research between its faculty members and foreign researchers. We have established a system for subsidizing joint research undertaken by our faculty members on a specific topic in cooperation with foreign researchers. If you are interested in conducting international joint research with our faculty members, please contact the International Center.

Exchange Scholars and Visiting Scholars

Dokkyo University welcomes researchers from its academic cooperation partner and non-partner universities and research institutions. If you wish to visit one of our faculties or departments as an exchange or visiting scholar, you will need to contact the faculty coordinator at Dokkyo University and complete the required formal procedures after obtaining the informal consent of the prospective faculty or department. The duration of stay for an exchange or visiting scholar is up to one year, and you will be expected to teach about four classes per week. For further information, please contact the International Center.

Student Exchanges

We believe that international student exchanges not only offer a great chance for the students themselves to encounter new learning opportunities, but also provide an extremely effective means of promoting mutual understanding and deepening friendships in an increasingly globalized economy and society. We offer curricula that aim to explore more about Japanese culture, and a variety of opportunities to develop human resource networks.

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