All exchange students are required to attend our mandatory orientation sessions, which usually start about a week before the semester begins. You will need to plan your itinerary so that you will have settled into your university housing before orientation begins.
The orientation sessions are designed to provide newly enrolled exchange students with important information regarding their studies and their stay in Japan. They are mostly conducted by the International Center.

The sessions cover matters such as the following.

  • Completion of the Japanese placement test (conducted by the Japanese Language Office)
  • Completion of paperwork required for housing, insurance, etc.
  • Housing orientation (conducted by the apartment management company)
  • Campus tour (finding your way around the campus and introduction to relevant campus services and facilities)
  • Completion of application forms for National Health Insurance & resident registration at Soka City Office
  • Guidance on the Japanese Language Program and course registration
  • Guidance on using the internet and university portal
  • Guidance on opening a bank account
  • Guidance on purchasing a commuter train pass
  • Emergency procedures
  • Health checks

A detailed orientation schedule will be sent about one month prior to orientation.