Course Registration

Course Registration

Careful course planning is the key to a rewarding study abroad experience. Guidance on course registration (attendance is mandatory) will be provided by the Academic Affairs Office and the Japanese Language Office during the orientation sessions.

Both the Japanese Language Program and regular undergraduate courses are available to exchange students.

- Japanese Language Program
All exchange students are required to enroll in the Japanese Language Program. Based on the placement test results, students are assigned to Japanese language courses suited to their Japanese proficiency. For further information, please see the Japanese Language Program page.

- Regular Undergraduate Courses
Exchange students can also take regular undergraduate courses in addition to the Japanese language course.
After referring to the syllabus to select the courses that you would like to register for, send an email to the course instructor to get approval for course registration before the classes begin.

Please see Syllabus for Courses Offered to Exchange Students in a Foreign Language and Regular Courses.

Please note that exchange students must register for at least six courses (10+ hours per week) to be eligible for a student visa.