For students from partner universities

Questions about applying to Dokkyo University

Q. I am not taking Japanese language as my major at my home university. Can I still apply for the exchange program at Dokkyo University? Also, what level of Japanese competency is required? Do you require a language certificate, such as the JLPT certificate?

A. You can apply for our exchange program as long as you are nominated as a candidate by your home university. In principle, however, exchange students are required to enroll in the Japanese Language Program regardless of their major, so we would expect you to have acquired a certain level of Japanese proficiency at the time of application. We do not require students to have a JLPT certificate, but we do require them to submit an Assessment of Japanese Language Proficiency signed by their Japanese language instructor. We are unable to accept applicants who have never studied Japanese.
If you are not sure whether your Japanese proficiency will meet the level required for our exchange program, please ask your coordinator or contact us.
For further information, please see the Application Requirements page.

Q. I would like to participate in a teaching internship program as an exchange student at Dokkyo. What is the procedure for this?

A. First, please consult with your outbound coordinator to confirm that a teaching internship program is included in the exchange agreement between your home university and Dokkyo University. If it is included, please have your academic advisor or coordinator contact us to discuss the availability of the internship. Our host department will determine whether your application can be processed.

The deadlines for nomination by your home university are as follows.
Spring semester entry: October 15
Fall semester entry: March 15

Please obtain the Application Form for an Internship Program from your coordinator and submit it by the following deadlines.
Spring semester entry: November 15
Fall semester entry: April 15

Questions about programs offered by Dokkyo University

Q. Can I take regular undergraduate courses in addition to the Japanese Language Program? If so, are any of these courses conducted in English?

A. If you obtain the permission of the relevant course instructor, you can take most classes in addition to the Japanese Language Program. Some courses are conducted in foreign languages (including English), but most courses at the undergraduate level are conducted in Japanese.
For further information, please see the Syllabus page.

Q. I only want to take regular undergraduate courses, not the Japanese Language Program. Is this possible?

A. All exchange students are required to take Japanese Language Program courses that are suited to their Japanese proficiency. However, we may be able to exempt you from enrolling in the Program if we determine that you have sufficient Japanese proficiency.

Q. How do I register for courses?

A. Information on course registration will be provided during the orientation sessions. You cannot register for courses before your arrival in Japan.

Questions about student life

Q. Do you have a support system for exchange students, such as a buddy or tandem program?

A. We assign Dokkyo volunteer students to provide exchange students with support on their arrival in Japan. They help exchange students move into their university housing and shop for daily necessities on the day of their arrival. We also offer the Japanese Language Learning Support Program. To take advantage of this program, please apply at the Japanese Language Office after orientation.

Q. What is it like living in the university housing? Are single-room apartments available?

A. The university housing apartments are not student dormitories, so your lifestyle will be the same as that of an ordinary Japanese student. Meals are not included, so you will need to provide for yourself. Single-room apartments are not available. You will share an apartment with two roommates.
For further information, please see the Accommodation page for information on university housing.

Q. Can I live in an apartment that I rent for myself?

A. In principle, all exchange students are required to live in university housing.

Q. I hear that the cost of living in Tokyo is very high. What about Saitama Prefecture?

A. Dokkyo University is situated in Soka City, Saitama Prefecture, which is about 30 minutes by train from central Tokyo. Given this, prices in Soka are relatively lower than those in central Tokyo. Since you will be living in university housing at a reasonable rent that includes utilities, you will be able to keep your other expenses (e.g., food, clothing, and entertainment) relatively low in Soka City. You will find many supermarkets, discount stores, inexpensive restaurants and clothing stores located near the university and your apartment. The neighboring city of Koshigaya also has one of the largest shopping malls in Japan, so you will be able to find anything you want.
For further information, please see the Cost of Living page.

For students from non-partner universities

Q. Can I apply to enroll in the Japanese Language Program at my own expense, not as an exchange student?

A. At present, the Japanese Language Program is open only to exchange students and degree students enrolled in undergraduate programs at Dokkyo University.

Q. I am interested in enrolling in one of your undergraduate programs as a degree student. How can I get information on the application requirements and procedures?

Please see the Undergraduate Admissions page.