Graduate School

Graduate School

Nurturing researchers and specialists by pursuing one academic field in-depth.

At Dokkyo University's Graduate Schools, we aim to nurture professionals who can delve deeper into what they have learned in undergraduate school, and develop viewpoints of the real world through more in-depth scholarly research and advanced professional education. We have produced many scholars, including researchers in various fields as well as professionals like tax accountants and specialists in foreign languages.

Graduate School of Law

Nurturing experts with advanced knowledge in the fields of judicial, tax and accounting services, and commercial law.

  • LL. M. Program in Law
  • LL. D. Program in Law

Graduate School of Law. People have various motivations for wanting to go on to graduate school. Some want to become researchers. Others want to delve deeper into a field or try their hand at hitting the books once more. The Graduate School of Law trains researchers and nurtures individuals who play an active part in professions requiring specialist knowledge in the fields of law and politics, including lawyers, public servants, and teachers.

Graduate School of Foreign Languages

Nurturing people with international minds who have focused on gaining an understanding of languages and cultures, researched their chosen fields of expertise, and acquired a broad ranged liberal education.

  • M.A. Program in Foreign Languages (German Program)
  • Ph.D. Program in Foreign Languages (German Program)
  • M.A. Program in Foreign Languages (English Program)
  • Ph.D. Program in Foreign Languages (English Program)
  • M.A. Program in Foreign Languages (French Program)
  • Ph.D. Program in Foreign Languages (French Program)

Graduate School of Foreign Languages. One of the mainstays of the Graduate School of Foreign Languages is the acquisition of a solid command of German, English, or French as well as specialist knowledge relating to the language, culture, and society of these linguistic areas. The faculties of each department include specialists in a wide range of fields besides language, ranging from culture and arts to history and society, each of whom provides research guidance on many different topics. Students can conduct research from perspectives that transcends national and regional borders, including international relations and cross-cultural communication.

Graduate School of Economics

Nurturing technocrats in economic information who can accurately analyze the various issues that economic and management fields are facing.

  • M.A. Program in Economics and Management Science
  • Ph.D. Program in Economics and Management Science

Graduate School of Economics. The Graduate School of Economics is committed to conducting advanced research and providing high-quality education across the fields of economics, management, accounting, and information science, and has faculty members for each of these specialized areas. Matriculating students have diverse objectives, including acquiring a high degree of expert knowledge and skill for working in a specialized field, becoming a certified accountant or tax accountant, or continuing on to the doctoral course to further enhance one's research competency at an advanced level to take the path of a researcher.

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