Department of English

Department of English

English is the present-day language of communication for international business, cultural exchange, tourism, diplomacy, and perhaps most significantly, everyday communication between other language speakers abroad. Through English, you can experience the world, broaden your perspectives, and connect with people from diverse backgrounds. Developing your English language proficiency also provides both numerous advantages in today's competitive job market and opportunities to make your professional life a most rewarding one.
What level of English is needed to enjoy these benefits and advantages? The more proficient one is in English, the greater will be one's confidence to interact with people from all places and walks of life. However, it is not just the level of proficiency that is important, but also the ability to engage with people in various situations and for different purposes. Dokkyo University's Department of English provides a range of specialized courses to allow students not only to develop their communication skills, but also to tailor their English skills for specific fields and interests. Students can consult with specialists in various fields to determine which course suits them best, and there is a wide array of classes available in each of the specialized courses. In our department, students' communicative competence is developed through an integrated skills curriculum alongside courses in specialized fields. These latter courses cater to each student's individual preferences and interests to help them attain their future goals. Some of the courses available in the curriculum are: global society, airlines and hotels, popular culture, media, cinema and photography, theater, the structure of language, education, literature, and culture.

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