Department of French

Department of French

A wide range of academic areas covered by the largest number of French-related faculty members in Japan

Acquire advanced French language proficiency and in-depth knowledge of the French-speaking world

The French language has been widely used throughout history and across the globe, playing an essential role in arts, diplomacy, and science. Nowadays, French ranks as the fifth most-spoken language in the world, being used in France, Belgium, Switzerland, Luxembourg, the Canadian province of Quebec, several African states, some of the Caribbean Islands, and many other countries and territories. French is also one of the United Nations' official languages and a working language of different multilateral organizations, such as the European Union and the African Union, thus maintaining its significant status in global and regional affairs. Our rich curriculum containing courses related to the French language, history, literature, culture, art, politics, business, and society offers students valuable opportunities to pursue their studies in their area of interest. Our department is a suitable environment in which students can achieve comprehensive communication skills in French and specialized knowledge in various fields, enabling them to be better prepared for their future professional development.

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