Housing Information

Housing Information

Off-campus accommodation

If you will be studying at Dokkyo as a degree student, you will need to rent an apartment for yourself. In Japan, most people find an apartment through a real estate agent. The agent will generally ask you what type of apartment you are interested in and then show you what is available based on your needs. Once you have found an apartment that meets your needs, you will be able to begin the rental procedure. The lease contract needs to be signed and stamped by both you and a co-signer.

Please note that agents in Japan deal with customers in Japanese, which means that almost all explanations, contracts, and related documents will be provided in Japanese only. If you are not fully confident in your Japanese proficiency, we recommend that you have someone who is fluent in Japanese accompany you, especially when you sign any documents.

There is a real estate agency called "Service spot DUO" on campus. They will be happy to help you find suitable housing without charging a commission fee.

Off-campus university dormitory for female degree students

Dr. Teiyu AMANO, the founder of Dokkyo University, named the university dormitory "Keiwa-kan" with the aim of fostering a commitment to the ideals of harmony and respect as the basis for developing good interpersonal relations. Students are encouraged to demonstrate their respect for one another as well as their commitment to cooperation and harmony. As part of an orderly approach to shared accommodation, they are expected to balance their own personal lifestyle needs with the needs of others.

Each student has their own bedroom, while the kitchen, laundry, and lounge facilities are shared. The dormitory rules include a nightly curfew, restrictions on staying elsewhere, and time limits on the use of key facilities. There are also rosters for cleaning and day duties. Students are expected to make and enforce their own rules as well to ensure that the Keiwa-kan experience is enjoyable for all.

For further information, please see the Keiwa-kan page.(Japanese only)

Off-campus housing for exchange students

Dokkyo University provides exchange students with off-campus housing. Exchange students are required to live in this housing while studying at Dokkyo.

For further information, please see the Accommodation page.