Dokkyo International Forum

Dokkyo International Forum

Dokkyo University has held the Dokkyo International Forum once a year since 1986 to promote international exchanges. The aim of this forum is to contribute to the enrichment and development of Dokkyo University by adopting timely themes on an international scale and presenting lively and engaging discussions to the public.

The following is a list of the themes addressed at the forum over the past 10 years.

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Year Theme Overview
2021 Albert Camus : L'amour de vivre 2021forum.pdf
2019 Recent Trends in Social Network Analysis 2019forum.pdf
2018 Legal Issues Facing Japan on Vacant Housing and Abandoned Land in an Aging and Depopulating Society 2018forum_leaflet.pdf
2017 Luther and German Culture ‒‒ In Search of his Current Relevance ‒‒ 2017forum_leaflet.pdf
2016 Cultural Policies in Global Society Status quo Comparisons among Germany, China and Japan 2016forum_leaflet.pdf
2015 Questioning "Sight" -Art, Image, and Text- 2015forum_leaflet.pdf
2014 Sustainable International Economic Systems and Japan 2014forum_leaflet1027.pdf
2013 Aspects of Contemporary Korea - Family, Culture and Politics in Global Society 2013forum_leaflet.pdf
2012 Japan and International Society after 3.11 2012forum_leaflet.pdf
2011 150 Jahre japanisch-deutsche Beziehungen Gesellschaft, Kultur, Wissenschaft -- Blick auf eine gemeinsame Zukunft 2011forum_leaflet.pdf
2010 Albert CAMUS : le sens du présent camus_programme.pdf