Faculty of International Liberal Arts

Faculty of International Liberal Arts

Harnessing Japanese expertise for the new cultural standards of the global society

Since the dawn of the modern era, Japan has built up an original knowledge base with reference to the Western expertise. We at the Faculty of International Liberal Arts offer a wide opportunity of education and research with a view to converting this knowledge base into the cultural standards of the society. With the plurilingual capability at hand, our students learn to grow to be indispensable members of the ever-diversifying international community as they contribute to the innovation and creation of the world with broad-ranging knowledge and communication skills.

Department of Interdisciplinary Studies

We aim to have our students acquire the liberal arts intelligence through the study of languages, cultures, and societies of the world as well as the mastery of two foreign languages.

In our curriculum students can develop plurilingual skills through learning one of the three selective foreign languages, Chinese, Spanish, and Korean in addition to English. This is complemented by a wide-ranging collection of social and natural science subjects with a particular focus on the in-depth study of languages, cultures, and societies in the Pacific Rim region (i.e., Spain, Latin America, China, South Korea, and Japan). Our small-size seminar classes enable the students to incorporate and practise the liberal arts knowledge in the real life after graduation, armed with versatile communication capacity and constant awareness of the global society they will contribute to.