Department of Economics

Department of Economics


The Department of Economics features a broad range of teaching in economic principles and empirical topics and will help you discover the enjoyment to learn the economic theories and practices. You will study in order to foster critical insights into the real problems facing global and local economies today.

We have the course system in our department. You will have the option to select one of three courses to gain the practical skills useful for your future.
(1) Economic Theory
(2) Economic Policy
(3) International Economics


Seminars (2nd to 4th year) are compulsory and key for improving your specialty through group discussions, essay-writing, and presentations.

Our focus is on the learning business English and many other languages. Under the excellent native teachers' instruction, you will gain communication skills that are particularly relevant for a professional worker.

Fieldwork will take place in some seminars and classes, including visiting institutions as the Tokyo Stock Exchange, governmental offices, and factories and interviewing business persons and public officials. It is important and fun to have knowledge that goes beyond classroom.

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