Department of Tourism & Transnational Studies

Department of Tourism & Transnational Studies

Faculty of Foreign Languages, Department of Tourism and Transnational Studies

Research the interaction of culture and society from multifaceted points of view, beyond the notion of national boundaries. This is the age when about 1 billion people across international borders every year. Many peoples and cultures interchange with one another and give birth to new culture. This gives rise to different cultures interacting on a daily basis and to the creation of entirely new cultures. With that in mind, students in this department study a variety of subjects focusing on tourism, sociology, anthropology, and international relations. The department strives to ensure that students study and learn with the aim of making a difference wherever their destination may be. Career paths for graduates include airlines, hotels, tourism related industries, governmental agencies, NGOs/NPOs and a whole host of other meaningful careers. The Department of Tourism and Transnational Studies takes pride in the individual attention provided to each student and in the facilities on campus as well as the internships and field work programs available. It is the goal of the department to ensure that all graduates are ready to play a role in this ever changing world. We strive for the acquisition of a "language plus one", beyond English. Through your learning in our department, go beyond ideas of national borders and spread your wings in the world.

Beyond "tourism"

"Tourism" is not simply sightseeing. We believe it is "the movement and encounters of people". Take another look at the influence "tourism" has on modern society. Beyond "national borders"
Overcoming national borders, various cultures intermingle and give birth to new cultures and values. Look at various phenomena from the points of view of transnational culture and global society.

Beyond "English"

By acquiring one more language in addition to English, your possibilities expand endlessly. You select German, French, Spanish, Chinese, or Korean as a compulsory elective to study.

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