Department of Policy Studies

Department of Policy Studies

Local perspectives on global issues

Global perspectives on local issues

A natural extension of internationalization, globalization has now reached every corner of Japanese society. Meanwhile, regional areas of Japan have found a new sense of independence from central government and taken control of political, economic and social strategies at the local level. Thus, regional Japan is increasingly looking to pursue global solutions to local issues. The Department of Policy Studies equips its students with a holistic understanding of issues at both the national and regional levels in the context of the rapid globalization taking place in regional Japan, along with the skills required to address these issues based on an appreciation of how the international community functions and a more cosmopolitan outlook. Graduates can look forward to a wide range of career options, including public service at the national or local level, employment at international agencies or organizations as well as domestic and international NPOs or NGOs, and opportunities in private industry and at graduate schools.

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