Application Conditions and Procedures for Exchange Professorship & Visiting Professorship

Application Conditions and Procedures for Exchange Professorship & Visiting Professorship

The Dokkyo Exchange/Visiting Professorship program provides scholars at institutions outside of Japan with an opportunity to teach and conduct research at Dokkyo University.

Fields of Study

Prospective applicants are expected to specialize in the fields of the humanities, social sciences, or natural sciences, and the subject that they wish to teach must be feasible given the resources and facilities available at Dokkyo University.

Eligible Applicants

Scholars must (1) belong to an officially accredited institution outside of Japan and (2) be recommended by a faculty member of Dokkyo University (who will serve as a coordinator for the applicant).

Status at Dokkyo University

Exchange Professorship or Visiting Professorship

Obligations at Dokkyo University

An Exchange/Visiting Professor is expected to undertake the same teaching duties as full-time Dokkyo University faculty members (approximately four classes per week). If the applicant has a proposal to engage in joint research with a full-time faculty member approved, the aforementioned teaching obligation may be partially satisfied by this joint research.


  1. Basic salary based on experience and qualifications in accordance with the Dokkyo University Regulations
  2. Personal research grant
  3. Off-campus rented housing (approximate monthly rent: ¥55,000, including utilities)

Note: Dokkyo University does not reimburse airfares or other travel expenses.

Duration of Visit

In principle, from three months to one year (preferably, six months or one year).

Start of Academic Term

April and September

Application Deadline

Mid-July of the year prior to the upcoming academic year (regardless of the start date for the academic term. The academic year starts in April). The specific date will be announced at an appropriate time. If you have any questions, please contact the International Center.

Required Documents

  • Completed Application Form (valid only for the year being applied for)
  • Photocopy of the signature and data page in your passport
  • Certificate verifying your status at your home institution
  • Two photographs

*Additional documents may be requested, as necessary.

Document Submission

The required documents must be submitted to the International Center at Dokkyo University via the faculty coordinator.

*Please obtain the consent of the faculty that your coordinator belongs to before submitting the above documents.

Notification of Appointment

Applicants are notified of the selection results by the end of December. Please note that the submitted application documents will not be returned.