Information Science Research Institute

Information Science Research Institute

Dokkyo for Information Technology

Founded in 1964, Dokkyo University actively prepared for the introduction of computers from the outset. When the Department of Management Science was established in the Faculty of Economics in 1966, it offered a number of information science courses. The Computer Forward Planning Committee was formed in December 1967, and the Dokkyo University Computer Room opened in November 1968. In December 1968, Dokkyo University took delivery of its first ever computer, the IBM 1130. This computer was used for both research and teaching from April 1969, marking the first chapter in the story of Dokkyo as an IT-driven university. Six dedicated lecturers were brought in with a brief to promote the use of IT in both research and teaching at Dokkyo University. They held study sessions both within and outside the university and hosted annual meetings of the 1130 Users Group.
In November 1972, the Computer Room was expanded and renamed the Dokkyo University Computing Center, which played an increasingly important role in research work. In conjunction with the establishment of the Dokkyo University Center for Data-Processing and Computer Science in 1981, the annual Information Sciences Research Newsletter was launched.

Internet connectivity

When Dokkyo University joined the global academic network BITNET in April 1989, this marked the start of a new era of research over international data networks. At that time, international networks were extremely complex to operate so only a handful of teaching staff used them for research.
Following the introduction of TCP/IP connection protocols in April 1994, Dokkyo University launched its official website in 1995. By September 1996, many research laboratories were equipped with internet-enabled computers. This prompted a much larger cohort of teaching staff to start using computers and the internet in their research work.
In this way, the teaching staff at Dokkyo University continue to fully embrace the use of computers and the internet for teaching and research purposes to this day.

Institute of Informatics

Dokkyo University has amassed a huge body of teaching and research data in electronic form. The issue that we now face is how to process this data efficiently. We will need to investigate systems for processing large volumes of data while also considering the type of database that we should build. At the same time, we will also need to study ways of analyzing data from the database in order to generate information in a more useful format.
The Institute of Informatics was established with the aim of pursuing research into the latest technologies as well as research that utilizes such technologies, drawing upon research papers that have previously appeared in the Dokkyo Studies in Data Processing and Computer Science.