Submission of Housing Request and Flight Information

Submission of Housing Request and Flight Information

※Information regarding the date of your arrival in Japan and moving into the university housing has changed since 2022. The latest information will be provided directly to the students via email.

Dokkyo University will send you Pre-Arrival Information and Request approximately one and a half month before orientation.
In the Pre-Arrival Information and Request, we provide detailed information on your preparation to come to Japan and request that you submit the housing request and flight information.
Once you have obtained a visa, you should book your flight to Japan and inform us of your travel details promptly by completing the flight Information form online.

While Dokkyo guarantees a room for each exchange student, you will need to apply for your housing by completing the housing request form online. Exchange students are required to live in this housing while studying at Dokkyo.
We cannot guarantee that specific requests and preferences for room assignments will be met, but we try to accommodate preferences based on the availability of space.

For more information on university housing, please see the Accommodation page.