Extracurricular Activities

Extracurricular Activities

Dr. Teiyu Amano, the founder of Dokkyo University, believes that supplementing a student's academic experience with voluntary extracurricular activities is essential to developing character. Based on his belief that extracurricular activities form an integral part of our educational mission, Dokkyo University encourages students to participate in club and other activities. International students are more than welcome to engage in these activities, too.

Dokkyo boasts more than 100 sports, music, culture and volunteer clubs. Many of our international students join these clubs and enjoy participating in their activities with Dokkyo students.

To provide a venue for our extracurricular activities, the Student Center and Arena house club rooms, studios, sports and training gyms, a dojo, and even a tea-ceremony room.

For a list of our extracurricular activity groups, please follow the link below (in Japanese only).

Message from an extracurricular activity group

Hello, everyone.
We are the Dokkyo International Amity Club (DIAC)!
Our activities are aimed at developing closer friendships among foreign nationals, Soka citizens, and club members by holding a wide variety of social events, such as welcome parties for foreign students and international exchange parties. With more than 100 members, many of whom have a keen interest in foreign countries, we look forward to welcoming visiting international students!