Application Requirements

Application Requirements

Applicants must be enrolled at a partner university of Dokkyo University.

Exchange students are required to enroll in the Japanese Language Program. To participate in this program, you must have Japanese language proficiency skills equivalent to or better than Japanese-Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) N5 or CEFR A1 for entry in the fall semester, and JLPT N4 or CEFR A2 for entry in the spring semester. To apply, you need to submit a Certificate of Japanese Proficiency signed by your Japanese language instructor. If you are not sure if you meet our language requirements, please consult the coordinator at your home university or contact the International Center at Dokkyo University in advance before applying.

You can enroll in either April (spring semester) or September (fall semester) for one semester or one academic year.

Graduate school applicants wishing to enroll in a graduate program need to acquire permission from the prospective program. Please consult Dokkyo University in advance before applying. Applications are considered on a case-by-case basis. Please note that Dokkyo University only accepts graduate students wishing to commence their studies in the spring semester.


At present, we do not accept fee-paying study abroad students from schools that do not have an exchange agreement with us.

The Japanese Language Program is divided into six levels. You will be required to take the Japanese placement test after your arrival. Please note that the Upper-elementary Course (Level 1) is only offered in the fall semester (i.e., it is NOT offered in the spring semester). Therefore, if your Japanese proficiency is equivalent to JLPT N5 or CEFR A1, we recommend that you enroll in the fall semester. Please see the Japanese Language Program page for details on the levels of the Japanese language courses.

You have the option of registering for regular courses (excluding some specific courses) in addition to your Japanese language courses. Most regular courses are conducted in Japanese, with about 30 of them being conducted in foreign languages. To register for regular courses, you will need to obtain approval from the instructors.

You must register for at least six courses (10+ hours per week) to be eligible for a student visa.