All exchange students are required to take out the following types of insurance.

1. National Health Insurance (NHI)

Please see the National Health Insurance page.

2. Personal Accident Insurance for Students Pursuing Education and Research (Gakkensai)

This accident insurance is compulsory for all Dokkyo students. It covers any unexpected physical injuries that the student may experience while attending a lecture, a university event, an extra-curricular activity, or a research activity (on and off-campus) as well as while commuting to and from the university. You will need to pay the annual fee of 800 yen during the orientation session.

3. Residence Insurance

All residents in university housing are required to take out the residence insurance designated by Dokkyo. It provides coverage for any losses or damages that the student may experience due to events such as fire, lightning, wind, or theft. It also covers personal liability as well as tenant liability. You will be required to complete an application for this insurance during the orientation session. The premium is about 4,500 yen for a full year or 3,000 yen for a half year*. You will need to pay this fee at a convenience store after you receive an invoice from the insurance company.

*The premium is subject to change.