Dokkyo University International Scholarship (Foreign Exchange Student Scholarship)

Dokkyo University provides a scholarship to one exchange student from each of its partner universities. Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO) scholarship recipients are not eligible.
Monthly stipend: 20,000 yen
Duration: Spring semester (April to September) and/or fall semester (October to March)
Selection: Dokkyo University asks each of its partner universities to nominate one scholarship candidate for each semester. Recipients of the scholarship are selected based on these nominations. The home university can nominate the same student for two consecutive semesters if the student intends to study at Dokkyo for a full year.

JASSO Student Exchange Support Program (Scholarship for Short-term Study in Japan) [Not available for the 2023 academic year ]

The Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO)provides this scholarship to Dokkyo University, provided the university exchange program is judged to be eligible for the scholarship.
The JASSO Scholarship cannot be awarded in combination with the Dokkyo University International Scholarship.
Monthly stipend: 80,000 yen
Duration: Single semester student: Spring (April to July) or fall semester (October to January)
     Full-year student: Spring/Fall (April to January) Fall/Spring (October to July)
1) Dokkyo University selects candidates who have not received other scholarships for the purpose of studying in Japan that exceed the total monthly stipend of 80,000 yen. These candidates must meet the JASSO GPA requirement (i.e., a GPA of at least 2.30 on a 3.0 scale from the previous academic year) as of the time of their nomination at the home university according to the JASSO formula. The number of candidates is based on the quota set by JASSO. The selected candidates are required to submit the necessary documents stipulated by JASSO and Dokkyo University.
2) Dokkyo University submits candidate nominations to JASSO.
3) JASSO notifies Dokkyo University of their approval.
4) Dokkyo University notifies its partner universities of the decision.