Study on an Exchange

Study on an Exchange

There are many surprises living in Japan. It is hard to study Japanese, but it may also be hard to learn about the Japanese lifestyle and customs. On this page, we provide information for exchange students who will be studying at Dokkyo University. Students at partner universities considering studying at Dokkyo University under an exchange program should consult with the international exchange office at their home universities. Generally, all communication goes through designated contacts at partner universities.


List of Japanese Courses

Textbooks & teaching materials for each course are shown.

Campus Location and Surroundings

Soka City is situated in the south-eastern area of Saitama prefecture.


Foreign exchange students are generally required to live at the Yatsuka Residence.

Engaging in a part-time job

You must apply for “Permission to engage in an Activity Other than that permitted by the status of Residence Previously Granted” at a local immigration office.

Career Center

The Career center provides job-placement assistance for students and a place where students get together and think about what they can do.

Counseling Center

The Consultation Center provides consultations and offers advice to students regarding their concerns and troubles.

Medical Service Center

The Medical Services Center conducts periodic health checkups and provides first aid to the ill and injured and healthcare  counseling by specialized staff.