Departments/Course Structure

Study the society and culture of German-speaking countries in the largest-scale environment in Japan

Gain English abilities to use on the world stage

Absorb living knowledge of a wide range of fields in the French department – boasting the largest teaching staff in the country

Research the interaction of culture and society from multifaceted points of view, beyond the notion of national boundaries

Through this university’s unique two-language curriculum and 8 graduate course groups, we realize extensive learning

We cultivate foreign language ability and thinking skills to lead a global society

Pursue "useful management science" through four courses, enter modern business unhindered with multiple languages

Grasp global issues and cultivate objective analytical skills and proactive action abilities

Aim to be a specialist in law and languages who can find and solve problems independently

Consider and research international issues from the points of view of law and political science

Cultivate the skills to find and solve regional political issues