What to learn at Dokkyo University

Developing character through learning

Character development is a job that continues throughout life, and there are many ways to do it. However, in a university, learning must be the way by which people are developed. It should be said that a university is an institution where character is developed through learning. Learning requires immersing oneself and making great efforts. Nothing tempers the spirit and develops a person more completely than focusing one’s mind and being immersed in one’s studies and devoting oneself. Character is developed and the spirit is disciplined through scholarly endeavors. The spirit must be pure and sincere as academic pursuits are not possible if not sincere.

What to learn at Dokkyo University

Students from diverse cultural and language backgrounds study in groups that are appropriate to their level of proficiency.

Features of Dokkyo University

We aim to nurture comprehensive abilities to think and make judgments, and to develop well-educated and nature human beings.

Graduate Schools

We aim to nurture professionals who can delve deeper into what they have learned in undergraduate school.

Regional Tie-ups/Lifelong Study

Dokkyo University commenced cooperation with Soka City, for the purpose of rich town development.