Dokkyo University Department of English, Faculty of Foreign Languages Full-time Position Announcement

Dokkyo University Department of English, Faculty of Foreign Languages Full-time Position Announcement

1. Position: Lecturer or Associate Professor

2. Number of positions: One

3. Appointment: Beginning on April 1, 2020

4. Qualifications:
(1) Have a PhD from an accredited institution.
(2) Have published academic articles in both Japanese and English on topics with a global point of view.
(3) All nationalities accepted. However, should be able to give lectures in both Japanese and English. Also, can understand and produce formal documents in both Japanese and English.
(4) Have teaching experience (English education and content courses with a global point of view) in higher education (university, graduate school) or equivalent institutions.
(5) A positive commitment to the English education program.
(6) Able to give lectures in English on global topics attractive to Japanese and foreign exchange students. (Able to teach "Global Studies" in the cross major course. Also able to coordinate the cross major course.)
(7) Have a strong passion towards students advising an academic and daily life.
Especially have active learning skills to promote students' participation in class.

5. Expected teaching areas and work
(1) a. Foundation courses (All English lessons such as "Reading Strategies".)
b. Common courses (e.g. Eigo Senmon Koudoku [Content Reading in English] )
c. Cross major courses (Courses on global topics not offered in the four departmental courses of language, literature, international relations and communication in the department of English.)
d. Seminar
(Instructional language is English for a - d above.)
(2) Required to teach five or more courses a week.
(3) Commitment towards the planning and management of the various events sponsored by the university, faculty and department is required. Also, commitment towards the public relations activities of the department and international exchange activities such as acting as a faculty chaperone for short term overseas English language programs is required.

6. Compensation
(1) Salary: Based on Dokkyo University's rules and regulations.
(2) Work Hours: The Discretionary Labor System for Professional Work is applied(de facto working hours a day are seven hours).
(3) Commuting allowance: In accordance with the Dokkyo University's pay scale regulations (Up to a set maximum).
(4) Social Insurance: Based on the Private School Teachers and Staff Mutual Aid Act.
(5) Labor Insurance: Based on the Worker's Compensation Insurance Act and Employment Insurance Act.

7. Application materials ( Materials 1 and 2 below should be typed or hand-written on the forms provided on our homepage.
(1) Curriculum vitae (photo attached, e-mail address)
(2) List of publications and research/educational activities
(3) A photocopy of the applicant's Doctoral degree diploma.
(4) Offprints/copies of three academic publications with a 300-word summary in Japanese for each.

8. Method of selection: Short-listed candidates will be invited for an interview and trial lecture. Please note that transportation expenses to the interview will not be reimbursed. Applicants' personal information will be handled with the utmost care, and will not be used for any purpose other than the selection process.

9. Deadline for application : Applications should be received no later than October 30 , 2019.

10. Documents to be submitted by post to: Common Room, Department of English Faculty of Foreign Languages, Dokkyo University, 1-1 Gakuencho, Soka-shi, Saitama, 340-0042. Please label the envelope in red "Application for Full-time Position."

11. Inquiry by e-mail: Chair Teruyoshi Sasaki (

12. Notification of results:.
Only successful candidates will be notified directly.