Dokkyo Facts

President's Greeting

We nurture and send out individuals who are mature human beings, with views and abilities that are recognized in international society, and will be needed by the future.


Dokkyo Univercity PresidentIn this time of fluctuation in Japanese society, and the rest of the world, how we live as human beings is once again being called into question.

It is fair to say that whether or not our relationships with others, with whom we live and will live, will be filled with bright hopes or dark difficulties, depends on us human beings and the choices we make for the future.

How should a "good human being" live in order to contribute widely to society and the world, instead of just satisfying their own personal wishes and desires?

This is what Dr. Amano Teiyu, the founder of Dokkyo University, was deeply interested in.

A "good human being" is a person with good intentions, well-educated and rich in spirit, who has acquired solid knowledge and expert techniques in order to turn their intentions into a tangible form. Or, at least, it is a person who wishes to be like this, and never stops trying to achieve the goal.

Dr. Amano said that the role of a university, as the highest educational institution, is to nurture such people and send them out into society and the world using the power of learning. For this reason, he devoted his life to founding Dokkyo University.

Dokkyo Univercity"A university is an institution where character is developed through learning."

Based on the principles that he left, Dokkyo University will continue to enrich human education even further.