Dokkyo University Amano Teiyu Hall

Intellectual creative space that brings to life the founding principles of the school

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Commemorating the 40th anniversary of the foundation of Dokkyo University, The Amano Teiyu Hall was established in 2007. It is a five-story building, 33-meters tall with approximately 29,500 square meters, making it the largest building on campus. This Hall is the center of intellectual creativity in our university, which combines the functions of comprehensive academic information resource with the library, and classrooms. This is indeed the realization of founder Amano Teiyu’s principle of the school establishment“A university is an institution where character is developed through learning.”

Multimedia Workshop & Studio

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An intellectual creative space that supports student’s voluntary and creative learning. With the support of the Education Assistance Center, teaching materials are created and edited in collaboration, using various multimedia devices. It is also a place for presenting and transmitting the information and achievements that are produced here.

International Communication Zone

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A stimulating space unique to Dokkyo University, in which new intellectual creations are made through various languages and cultures crossing paths and resonating with one another. Having the ICR (International Communication Room) as its core, support organizations such as the research institutes of foreign language education and each Department of the university join forces to come up with attractive plans and carry out activities.

Library Zone

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The open-shelf library, with 400,000 books and the storage capacity for 1 million books, including a number of valuable pieces of literature and antiquarian books, is one of the largest university libraries in the country. In addition, one of its convenient features is that it is open until 10 p.m. on weekdays and makes it possible to search for books from home using the Internet. At the browsing zone of the new library inside the Amano Teiyu Hall, users can select the area in which they plan to use a piece of literature, such as private, group, or computer, which gives them the freedom of choosing the location for browsing and studying, depending on their objectives, moods, and situations.

Class Zone

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This area is set up with classrooms for 40, 100, 150, and 300 students, as well as CAL (Computer Assisted Learning) classrooms. The CAL classrooms are equipped with a learning system that has the capability of digitally delivering multimedia teaching materials, such as voice and image, through the university network, providing an ideal learning environment by providing two-way individual counseling and pair/group lessons. The auditorium can house 500 people and has high-performance AV devices such as big screen monitors, ready to respond to multipurpose needs, including workshops and academic conferences.

Dokkyo History Gallery

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This gallery chronicles the school’s history from the foundation of the Dokkyo Gakuen (Dokkyo Educational Foundation) to the present time, using graphics, video, and documents. Through the characters and philosophies of leaders like Nishi Amane and Amano Teiyu, profiles of the school’s successive Presidents and Principals, and achievements of famous scholars and intellectuals that the school has produced. It is designed to help people understand the traditions and ethos of the Dokkyo Gakuen (Educational Foundation).