Study on an Exchange



Foreign exchange students of Dokkyo University are generally required to live at the Yatsuka Residence (15 minutes from the university by train and foot, or 15 minutes from the university by bicycle). There are 3 types of Western style rooms and 1 type of Japanese style rooms, and students can specify their preference. Students can also specify whether they prefer lower or higher floors in the residence.

Types of rooms

Western style rooms
Size/Rent (Yen/Monthly amount)
- TYPE A:9.7m² (104 sq. ft) ¥50,000
- TYPE B:8.1m²-8.9m² (87 - 96 sq. ft) ¥47,000
- TYPE C:6.5m²-7.3m² (70 - 79 sq. ft) ¥45,000

Japanese style room (Tatami room)
Size/Rent (Yen/Monthly amount)
- TYPE D:9.7m² (104 sq. ft) ¥50,000

Surrounding environment

Yatsuka station, where Yatsuka Residence is located, is a commuter town in the south part of Soka City. It is 2 stations away from Dokkyo daigakumae Station, which is the nearest station to Dokkyo University.
There are convenience stores around the station which allow for shopping 24 hours a day. There is also a shopping street where you can find daily necessities.
Like Dokkyo daigakumae Station, you can take a direct subway train from Yatsuka Station to Akihabara and Ginza. It also provides easy access to Nikko, the international sightseeing destination.