Regular Courses Offered to Exchange Students

Regular Courses Offered to Exchange Students

At Dokkyo University, regular undergraduate courses are open to exchange students.
Students assigned to Japanese Level 1 (Upper-Elementary) to 4 (Upper-Intermediate) are required to take six mandatory Japanese courses.
Students assigned to Level 5 (Pre-Advanced) or 6 (Advanced) are not required to take Japanese courses.
Students of all levels are free to select any of the regular undergraduate courses.

After referring to the syllabus to select the courses that you would like to register for, please attend the first class for each course and get approval from the instructor. A lottery may be conducted to choose students for courses with limited enrollment capacity. Some specific courses are not open to exchange students.

Please note that about 30 undergraduate courses are conducted in languages other than Japanese.

Please see the syllabus page.

Guidance on course registration will be provided by the Academic Affairs Office and the Japanese Language Office during the orientation program.