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Career Center


The career center is a place that helps students consider their future careers.
It provides a variety of guidance and lectures to help with career building and job-hunting, supporting students in their selection of a career path.
At the Career Center, we consider it fundamental that students visit companies to see and experience them first hand.
In all things, one should think for oneself, and act of one’s own accord. At the same time, it is also important to work with others.
In order to consider their future career paths, it is necessary that students understand the significance of “learning, working, and living” through student activities. These include their classes, seminar studies, club activities, volunteer activities, and internships. In understanding yourself, you will find what you’re seeking.

1. Support through lesson and career assistance / job-hunting assistance classes

We offer a "campus life and work" class, which can be taken from the 1st year. We hope this will be a chance for many students to learn that a rich campus life will help them to connect to their future jobs.
Beginning in 3rd year we hold job-hunting guidance nine times a year (a total of 19 times) explaining the essential aspects of  job hunting. Additionally, we hold many lectures on topics such as researching companies, strategies for written exams, and strategies for interviews.

2. Job offer information is transmitted in digital and analog forms

Dokkyo University receives job posting information from 4,600 fine companies. We promptly deliver this information to students via the Internet. Also, we post it on bulletin boards in the Career Center and provide more detailed information to students in files on each company.

3. Support for visiting companies with alumni working at them


Varied and practical career and employment support

Currently, the Internet is flooded with company information and job postings and it is difficult to sift through this for vital information while job hunting. At Dokkyo University, we proactively promote visits by alumni. Vital information directly obtained from former students is valuable advice when selecting a company and occupation.

4. A message of support from senior students to junior students: “Job-hunting Experience Notes”

These experience notes are a message of support left for junior students from senior students who have already decided their career paths. It is a detailed collection covering job-hunting activities from preparations to tentative job offers (company briefing sessions – entry - recruitment exams – tentative offers). Using the contents of these activities as a reference, it is possible to come up with the activities that are right for you.

5. Internships

Internships are mainly programs which use the summer vacation time to get work experience in companies or government agencies. Different from part-time jobs, the students actually work alongside employees and staff. They may go with them to meet clients and participate in business discussions while experiencing the real work environment. One of the purposes of this is to cultivate positive attitudes toward work and job-hunting.

6. Career Counseling

Career advisers at the Career Center provide personalized counseling to each and every student. Students easily receive counseling regarding how to promotion themselves, how to write resumes, and how to choose a career path.