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Campus Location and Surroundings

Location of campus

5 minutes from the station to the university on foot. A campus in close proximity to the station allows you to commute to school with peace of mind.
Just exit the station and walk straight, and you're right at the university campus. The campus houses not only research facilities, but is also replete with cafes, bookstores, and even a barber shop, like a fully equipped independent town. You're sure to make more and more discoveries the more you explore.
Being able to live your student life with full access to such a rich environment is invaluable.

Surrounding environment

Soka City, where Dokkyo University is located, is situated in the south-eastern area of Saitama prefecture.
The city is 7.24km east to west and 7.6km north to south for a total area of 27.42 square km, and its southern border is adjacent to Adachi Ward in Tokyo Prefecture.
The city was formed on November 1, 1958, with a population of 34,878.
With its favorable location in the Tokyo metropolitan region, from the first half of the 1980s the population saw a sharp surge, and it is currently over 240,000 people.
Hoping to be a pleasant city whose inhabitants feel that they "want to live here forever, and want to raise their children here", the citizens and administration of Soka City are working together to implement town-building measures with a firm eye on such modern changes as the global environment, declining birth rates, aging society, advanced information society, and internationalization.