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The goal of Dokkyo University is to cultivate specialized human resources equipped with the international education required to lead the society of the 21st century. This is why we focus our efforts on providing a comprehensive education which includes foreign languages, cultural knowledge, and specialized knowledge and skills.
The International Center was established in 1984 as a base of support for such educational activities. Since that time it has served as the first point of contact with overseas educational institutions and organizations such as partner institutions, while also contributing to the growth of Dokkyo University's international exchange through many activities including the management of a certified foreign exchange program, the planning and implementation of spring and summer short-term study programs, provision of support for receiving and sending of exchange students, and the holding of international symposiums.
Dokkyo University currently has partnerships with 50 universities throughout the world, and is developing many kinds of exchange efforts. We will continue to promote further internationalization of the university, based around the International Center.

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Prof.Dr.Atsushi Yamamoto

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Sumie Goto   

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