Application Procedure

Consult with the study abroad or international exchange office at your home university. Confirm you are eligible to study at Dokkyo as an exchange student, and receive permission.

Submit all of application documents using the Application Form uploaded to Dokkyo University’s web page by the deadlines designated for the semester you plan to study at Dokkyo.

If you admission is approved, Dokkyo University will apply by proxy for a Certificate of Eligibility, which will be sent to the partner university once issued.

Apply for a visa using the Certificate of Eligibility sent from Dokkyo University

Inform Dokkyo University of your accommodation preferences, arrival date, and other pertinent information by completing Housing application and pre-arrival information page on Dokkyo University’s website.

A Dokkyo University’s student staff will pick you up at the nearest train station (Soka Station) on the day you arrive and take you to a University housing.

Attend the exchange student orientation sessions and get prepared for the new semester at Dokkyo University.

Apply for a visa

A student visa must be acquired in order to study in Japan. You should file an application for a visa at a Japanese embassy or consulate in your country. You need to submit a Certificate of Eligibility together with other required documents when applying.

A Certificate of Eligibility is an official document issued by the Ministry of Justice. Dokkyo University will apply for the COE on behalf of you. Upon issuance, we will send the Certificate to your home institution for your visa application. At the port of entry into Japan, you must present the visa and the COE to an immigration inspector and obtain a landing permission.