Institute of Regional Research

Developing the “Community Model” for the future with the local community


The “Age of local government” and the “decentralization of authority” have been talked about a lot lately, but concrete paths and actual conditions have not yet been identified. During this time, the environments surrounding local governments have changed dramatically, and they are forced into situations in which they must directly do something to solve issues like aging of the population, social division, and safety, which were previously taken care of by the central government or international institutes. The Institute of Regional Research was established to find out and resolve the issues that local governments and communities face. We function as a place where various people-teachers, graduate students, undergraduate students, townspeople, municipalities, think tanks, and NPO’s-from inside and outside of the school, exchange and share their ideas and experiences. We also want to become a “Community Model,” in which local people can place their hopes for the future.