Practical Foreign Language Education & International Exchange

Dokkyo for Language"-We provide quality foreign language education that matches our reputation. Various kinds of exchange programs are also available.

Dokkyo University's history of foreign language education and the nurturing of internationally-minded people can proudly be traced back over 120 years ago to the days of its predecessor, Doitsu-gaku Kyokai (The German Association). The traditional reputation of “Dokkyo for Language" is still alive, and an ideal environment for acquiring foreign languages and cross-cultural experience is available at our university. Excellent teaching staff including native speakers of foreign languages, closely-supervised classes made possible by small classes divided into different levels, state-of-the-art facilities that enable students to learn language effectively while having fun, and foreign language classes that are rich in variety… These are available in all Faculties on campus, including the Faculty of Economics and the Faculty of Law, as well as, of course, the Faculty of Foreign Languages and Faculty of International Liberal Arts.

International exchanges are very active since we have agreements and partnerships with 29 schools in eleven different countries, and various types of study abroad programs-short term and long term-are available to all students. At the International Center located on campus, there are well-experienced and specialized staff to support each student's study abroad plan. There are also many international students here at Dokkyo University, providing proactive communications through exchange parties with Japanese students and tutoring programs.

Partner Universities Overseas


International Forum

International Forum

The University of Essex in England, Universita¨t Duisburg-Essen in Germany, and Dokkyo University have in academic-exchange agreements, and we held a joint international symposium for the first time in 1986. Since then, for the purposes of continuing this accomplishment and further promoting international exchanges, we continue to hold an international forum each year with a specific theme.