International Center

photo01The International Center is responsible for supporting international exchange, one of the specialties of the university, through assisting long-term studies abroad such as exchange programs to approved schools abroad, assisting short-term studies abroad over summer vacations, assisting exchange students from overseas, sealing academic-exchange agreements with universities overseas, dispatching and accepting exchange professors, and organizing the international symposium. Since relocation in the Amano Teiyu Hall, it has been utilizing the ICR, providing support for multilateral exchange between Japanese students and exchange students from overseas.

Partner Institutions

Study Abroad Programs

Dokkyo University has made academic-exchange agreements with several foreign universities, exchanging teaching staff and students every year. It also sends students to non-partner schools, and receives foreign exchange students from partner schools, and students from many different countries, mainly China, Taiwan, Korea, and other Southeast Asian countries.

Exchange programs

Exchange programs are arrangements in which two universities exchange students based on an academic-exchange agreement. Students in their sophomore year or higher, including graduate school, are qualified to apply. Applicants must fulfill certain criteria regarding grades and acquired credits, and pass screening examinations in order to qualify. In principle, the period of the programs is one year, and credits that students receive at overseas schools are approved by Dokkyo University, up to 32 credits. Approximately 30 students study overseas every year through this program.

Number of exchange students sent to partner universities from Dokkyo University (Total of 377 students by 2008 school year)

  • Universitat Duisburg-Essen (Germany) 85
  • University of Essex (U.K.) 111
  • The University of Alabama (U.S.A.) 34
  • York University (Canada) 17
  • University of Wisconsin (U.S.A.) 59
  • Universite Catholique de l'Ouest (France) 36
  • Cardiff University (U.K.) 12
  • University of Wollongong (Australia) 16
  • Universitat Munster (Germany) 10
  • Philipps-Universitat Marburg (Germany) 13
  • Hochschule Bremen (Germany) 4
  • Universitat Basel (Switzerland) 3
  • Universitat Wien (Austria) 13
  • Catholic University of Daegu (Korea) 2
  • Konkuk University (Korea) 2
  • Kyung Hee University (Korea) 7

Approved study abroad

Approved study abroad is a kind of study abroad in which students acquire a letter of acceptance directly from a foreign university, submit an application to the International Center, and get an approval before they actually go to study abroad. The period of stay must be over six months, and subjects that students take at the overseas schools are approved by Dokkyo University, up to 32 credits. The tuition of the overseas university is be paid by the student, but they receive a total exemption from Dokkyo University’s tuition. Approximately 40 students study overseas every year through this program.

Short-term study abroad (Foreign language training)


Foreign language training is conducted in eight different countries during the summer and spring vacations. There are two types of short-term study abroad: One with the accompaniment of our teaching staff, and another in which students go by themselves (approved short-term study abroad). Acquired credits are approved for transfer by Dokkyo University up to a total of 8 credits (up to 4 credits in 2 subjects per year).