Information Science Research Institute

Supporting education and research suited to an advanced information society

The Information Center opened in May 1981, around the time of the university’s 20th anniversary. As the second research facility following the Research Institute of Foreign Language Teaching, the Information Center was launched based on a commitment to maintaining an enriched research and educational environment.

Consisting of a research institute and an information infrastructure management and operations department, the Information Center supports educational and research activities and the university administration. Students in all faculties are required to acquire computer skills, and the Information Center helps by providing a computer environment used in a range of ways, from classes to self-study.

700 up-to-date PCs and a high-speed LAN environment

There are normally 700 up-to-date PCs set up in 13 computer rooms. Students are free to use these computers whenever a class is not in progress. The campus is connected by a high-speed LAN, with computers available for use in the library, career center, and other locations. What is more, a wireless LAN environment enables access to information via the internet in ordinary classrooms and the 35th Anniversary Center.

PC classrooms are open until 9:45 p.m. and staff provide hardware and software support.

PC classrooms are open until 9:45 p.m. Students are free to use these PCs from the time they enter the university. PCs can be used for a number of purposes, ranging from preparing reports to searching for employment information. Resident helpdesk staff members are on hand to offer assistance when computer trouble and network related problems occur. This reliable staff offers kind, careful, and thorough help to all students.

Worldwide transmission of information via the internet, including the sending and receiving of e-mail.

All students are given an e-mail address. The internet allows students to conduct research for classes and network among themselves. By providing a user friendly and safe network environment, the Information Center enables information to be obtained from and sent to anywhere in the world.

Educational Support Office

The Educational Support Office is an organization charged with supporting classes and autonomous learning. It provides assistance with the use of ITC and multimedia devices in classes and manages systems to support classes. It also lends PCs, digital cameras, and other information devices to students and faculty.