Research Institute of Foreign Language Teaching

photo01The Dokkyo University Research Institute of Foreign Language Teaching was launched in April 1981 as a development of the Audiovisual Language Teaching Center. The Center carries out various surveys, conducts research, and provides language teaching support with the objective of “conducting research relating to the teaching of foreign languages, including the teaching of Japanese as a foreign language, in order to enrich and enhance foreign language education, and to improve and smoothly administer audiovisual education at the university.” These activities constitute a significant part of what underpins society’s valuation of the university, which has a reputation of “Dokkyo for Language.”

In the field of foreign language education, the Center is active in educational and learning support areas. It provides support for foreign language classes, holds extracurricular foreign language learning courses, and administers foreign language qualification tests. In addition, it runs the International Communication Zone (ICZ) in the Amano Teiyu Hall, and chat rooms.

In the field of research, the Center publishes the bulletin Dokkyo University Studies in Foreign Language Teaching as a venue for the release of surveys conducted by the university on the actual situation of foreign language education as well as the findings of the Center’s researchers. The bulletin has long been highly regarded at institutions outside the university as a vehicle for introducing the research findings of Dokkyo, the place for languages. Additionally, the Center enthusiastically supports the activities of the Dokkyo University English Teaching Association (DUETA) and the university’s French pedagogy society Journée Pédagogique de Dokkyo, helping to ensure that they are carried out fully and effectively.

Educational Support

Equipped with a computer-assisted learning (CAL) multimedia room, a studio, and a recoding room, the Center has prepared an environment conducive to effective speaking, listening, and other language classes.

Learning Support

The Center offers courses geared toward obtaining qualifications in German, French, Spanish, and Chinese, in addition to the TOEFL® test and TOEIC® test. It has set up chat rooms for enjoying casual conversations with native speakers of German, English, French, Chinese, Spanish, and Korean. It also holds lectures with a wide variety of lecturers invited, including ones from off campus.

International Communication Zone (ICZ)

The ICZ is a place for exchange students, foreign students, and Japanese students to interact.


The ICZ is a place where Japanese students, exchange students, and foreign students can interact lightheartedly outside of class, regardless of their faculty, department, or year, and come into contact with foreign languages and cultures. Live TV broadcasts can ordinarily be viewed on German, English, French, Chinese, Spanish, Korean, and other Asian language channels.


Newspapers, periodicals, comics, and other reading material obtained from abroad are available in German, English, French, Chinese, Spanish, and Korean. There are also numerous board games, affording students the chance of expanding their circle of friends while having fun.

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The ICZ is open weekdays 9:00-22:00 and Saturdays 9:00-17:00. Japanese students, exchange students, and foreign students are all welcome to freely use the ICZ as a place for interacting with each other.

Efforts are made to deepen exchanges through a Welcome Party and a Christmas Party held in English and a German-Japanese Exchange held in German and Japanese. During the German-Japanese Exchange, exchange students from Germany give presentations in Japanese while Japanese students give presentations in German. Afterward, the participants break into groups for discussion. It is a great opportunity to make friends!

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Journée Pédagogique de Dokkyo (JP)

The Dokkyo University French Pedagogy Society is more than a place for academic presentations; it is a venue where instructors of the French language can cross the barriers of educational institutions and have free discussions.

Dokkyo University English Teaching Association (DUETA)

The purpose of this association is to deepen exchanges among the university’s alumni, enrolled undergraduates and graduate students, and persons who are engaged in English education or who are interested in English education. CLICK here for details


the Center holds about six lectures a year on topics related to foreign language education in Japan. Lecturers are invited from in and outside the university.

Multimedia Atelier Studio

Enrolled students may freely use the Multimedia Atelier Studio as long as they take a studio use workshop and obtain a completion certificate.

Note, however, that the studio use workshop is conducted only in Japanese.

Use of the studio is limited only by the imagination. Users are also free to make use of the chroma key in their creations.

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