Institute of Human and Environmental Symbiosis Research

Aiming to build a society that is sustainable and able to co-exist with the environment


The environment that immediately surrounds the earth and its inhabitants has been steadily deteriorating over recent years. Preserving and improving the environment so that people can live richly, safely, and without worry has now become an urgent issue for all humanity. The Environment Symbiotic Research Center was established to conduct investigations and research to respond to these needs of the era, as well as return the profit of achievements to society and school education. Environment issues vary greatly from global-level problems like global warming and acid rain to community-level problems like waste disposal, and the background and causes of the occurrence these problems’ are extremely complicated and broad. At the Environment Symbiotic Research Institute, we search for wider possibilities of solutions and find breakthroughs to sustain society, by taking a unique approach to both natural science and human/social science aspects.