Faculty of Law, Department of Policy Studies

Cultivate the skills to find and solve regional political issues

After the Great East Japan Earthquake, many people are now experiencing the importance of local relationships. In order to build up the future of Japan, it is necessary to cultivate human resources to be responsible for supporting local regions and community building. In the Department of Policy Studies, we cultivate personnel who can vitalize local regions from creative angles based on the concepts of "environment, welfare, and human rights". Master knowledge of political science and law based upon the three pillars of "policy and local regions", "government and basic law", and "legislation". Consider the future of regional politics for yourself.

Education in cooperation with the Institute of Regional Research

The research results of the university’s Institute of Regional Research feedback into your education. You can know the leading edge of issues being tackled by local regions and the countermeasures being implemented.

Confirm your learning through an introduction to policy studies

After entering the program, first you study a comprehensive introduction to policy. You will clarify what policy studies is and how you will study over the four years, acquiring extensive knowledge and deep specialization.

Curriculum which teaches about local regions and policy

A rich specialized curriculum to grasp and help solve the issues of local politics, community building, the environment, welfare, and human rights. You can also take classes in other subjects from other departments.