Faculty of Economics, Department of Management Science

Pursue "useful management science" through four courses, enter modern business unhindered with multiple languages

Nowadays, both raw materials and production bases are moving overseas. In the Department of Management Science, we provide practical education in a four-course system including management, business, accounting and information while placing special importance on foreign language education. We will help guide you to a level where you can discuss the turbulent modern business world in a foreign language. Information education has an established reputation, and this department may be your optimum choice for increasing the IT abilities so necessary in the business scene today. Polish your management sense and language skills in an environment with many opportunities to meet with managers and to make contact with the real business world.

Learn foreign languages for business

Management science is the common language of the world. Nonetheless, language barriers often prevent business from proceeding. This is why we constructed a curriculum to teach "useful English".

A four-course system to deepen specialization

The program is divided into four courses of study based on your desired career path: management, business, accounting, and information. These specialized programs are also an opportunity to view your future workplaces.

A First-class high school teacher certificate in information can be obtained

This university, with an established reputation in information education, is proud of its teaching staff and state-of-the-art facilities. They are some of the best in the country. Even though it is an arts university, a First-class high school teacher certificate in information can be obtained.