Faculty of Law, Department of Law

Aim to be a specialist in law and languages who can find and solve problems independently

Within legal circles and companies, the personnel who are in demand are those who have both specialized knowledge and practical problem-solving abilities. In this department, you also work on foreign language education, practicing to possess a "legal mind" along with gaining language skills. In terms of law, this legal way of thinking is acquired in the 1st Year "introductory practice". The program is divided into three courses from 2nd Year – administrative law, corporate law, and the legal profession – each cultivating an ability to find and solve problems independently. Furthermore, by attending real trials, practicing mock trials, etc., you will connect your university studies with real society and obtain practical skills.

Gradually increase your skills at a reasonable pace

We utilize a method to gradually move up from the basics of law to application. By gradually learning, you obtain legal knowledge and problem solving abilities.

Learn in an environment of a select few

In the 1st year, we implement introductory practice and teach basic skills in classes of about 18 people. In the 2nd year, we arm you with high-level specialized training through basic legal practice.

Development of lessons which stress reality

We develop realistic studies providing an opportunity for the real application of law. Activities include visits to courtroom hearings, mock trials in mock trial courtroom classrooms, the Diet and customs houses. Study law practically.