Faculty of International Liberal Arts, Department of Interdisciplinary Studies

Through this university’s unique two-language curriculum and 8 graduate course groups, we realize extensive learning

The two-language curriculum includes the combination of English and Spanish, English and Chinese, and English and Korean. The reason we offer English, Spanish, Chinese, and Korean is because Japan is located on the Pacific Rim. Spanish is the language of Latin America on the other side of the Pacific Ocean. Chinese and Korean are from the neighboring East Asian countries. English is a common language used among the Pacific Rim countries. And Japanese is the language in which most of the learning is done. By studying diverse cultural studies in many languages, you can expand your knowledge beyond your own field.

Two-language curriculum with English required

Choose from English and Spanish, English and Chinese, or English and Korean, and study four times a week for Years 1 and 2, then twice a week for Year 3. Depending on your level of English mastery, you can also study starting from the basics of English.

Know Japan, the point of origin of international exchange

True international exchange means accurately conveying your own country’s culture to others while also learning about foreign cultures. We also place emphasis on classes for understanding Japan.

Social Studies and English teaching certificates can be obtained

As a general rule, you can acquire the following two teaching certificates simultaneously: junior high school (Social Studies) and high school (Geography and History, Civics); junior high school (English) and high school (English).