Faculty of Law, Department of International Legal Studies

Consider and research international issues from the points of view of law and political science

Recently, the world is filled with issues that existing legal and political systems have never before experienced – global warming, radiation, global terrorism, pirated copying, and the import and export of waste matter. The Department of International Legal Studies is a place where you investigate how to solve these complex issues from the points of view of law and political studies. While learning about legal and political issues which cannot be confined within the borders of nations, you will also work on your English education as a tool to keep up with the world. This is sure to be the first step for those who wish to be active on the world stage in international organizations, NGOs, foreign capital groups, etc.

A system to acquire international sensibilities

There are 1.5 times more English classes than the Department of Law. We have prepared a system for studying international relations at overseas partner universities. It is perfect for people who wish to fully master both language and the law.

Small class sizes from the time of entrance

We implement "introductory practice" in the spring semester of the 1st year with a class size of about 15 people. The "basic practice" in the 2nd year and the "specialized practice" in the 3rd year are consistent with this, teaching only a select few at a time.

Classes to cope with globalization

In addition to international law and political science, we also ensure that you study fundamental legal subjects. Also, we hold practical lessons and offer diverse lectures focusing on the internationalization of business.