Faculty of Economics, Department of Economics on Sustainability

Grasp global issues and cultivate objective analytical skills and proactive action abilities

Environmental problems are vital issues for the human race and must be dealt with by the entire world. Poverty and hunger, population and food, economic disparity, resources and energy, and the liberalization of trade and investment are among the numerous issues global society has to face. How can we make the environment and development coexist? How do we realize a sustainable society? The Department of Economics on Sustainability considers solutions for these sustainability issues from the point of view of economics, training practical personnel who can contribute to regional and international society, striving for the realization of a sustainable society.

International: Think globally

In order to plan solutions to problems from an international point of view, we work on English education and train personnel who can communication with a variety of people.

Interdisciplinary: Learn from broad fields

In order to find leads and solve problems from angles that have not been examined before, you will learn broadly from various fields within economics and the environment, raising your awareness of the issues.

Motion: Proactive efforts

In order grasp world-scale issues and find solutions, we cultivate an ability to proactively gather data, analyze it accurately, and transmit it.