Faculty of Foreign Languages, Department of French

Absorb living knowledge of a wide range of fields in the French department – boasting the largest teaching staff in the country

The university's Department of French has 17 full-time teaching staff (2 of whom are foreign instructors) and 32 part-time lecturers (12 of whom are foreign instructors) – the largest French department in the country. This rich environment in which you can engage in research of a wide range of fields and absorb living knowledge through interchange with French teaching staff is a great feature which can only be found at this university. By understanding the culture, history, and literature which has been passed down unbroken in France, you can cultivate true education and communication not limited to language.

Acquire practical French language

For Years 1 and 2 intensive education classes are offered six times a week. Three years of classes with native speakers are required, and from the 3rd year you forge language skills by acquiring even higher-level knowledge.

Full-time teaching staff provide four years of support

Support is provided directly to students by class advisers in 1st- and 2nd-year, and by seminar advisers for the 3rd- and 4th-year. Full support is provided, from research instruction to career counseling.

Learn broadly and deeply through a three-course system

From Year 3, the courses are divided into three streams for deeper research: communication, arts and culture, and modern society. You can acquire practical specialized knowledge that will help you in your future.