Faculty of Economics, Department of Economics

We cultivate foreign language ability and thinking skills to lead a global society

The financial crisis originating in the United States and the economic crisis in Europe are common global issues of the age. Thorough knowledge of economics and strong foreign language ability to decipher international economics are great tools. The Department of Economics cultivates specialization with a three-course system including economic theory, policy studies, and international economics. Foreign language ability, which is necessary for self-expression, is thoroughly tempered through Dokkyo’s excellent language program. Your communication ability and grammatical skills will improve through an effective education program. Studying in this department will surely be of powerful assistance to those who wish to be active in the world of international business.

Concentrated mastering of useable English

After class placement based on the TOEIC® test, native speakers lead instruction in pronunciation, speaking, and other aspects of oral communication to help you develop the English language ability you need to express yourself.

A curriculum with direct relevance to your desired career path

From the 2nd year, the program is divided into three courses based on your desired career path: economic theory, policy studies, and international economics.

Rich classes where you learn economics firsthand

We provide opportunities to learn business firsthand including visits to factories, stock exchanges, and local industry, as well as lectures by journalists and financial experts. These are also excellent opportunities to think about your career path.