Features of Dokkyo University


Comprehensive Human Education

We aim to nurture comprehensive abilities to think and make judgments, and to develop well-educated and nature human beings.

The polarization of society, the breakdown of the family, and repeated ghastly incidents-these are the issues facing present-day Japanese society. If we look at the world, we see a crisis on Earth, with civilization conflicts, terrorism, North-South issues, and environmental destruction. Among the many issues that we, the people who live in the 21st century, face, are no simple ones. These problems all require global and multifaceted points of view in order to resolve them. Dokkyo University's educational program is based on the objectives of nurturing the knowledge and the skills required today, and the ability to solve problems, recognizing that the development of human nature is a prerequisite to accomplishing the first two. In order to achieve this, we have established a General Curriculum that applies to all faculties, in addition to the specialized curriculums of each Department. By doing so, we provide a place where students can pursue, in their own way, interdisciplinary themes that exceed the boundaries of a specialized field. We provide also a large amount of practical and laboratory classes to help students utilize the knowledge and skills they learn here, in the real world. This is part of the new multiculturalism of Dokkyo University, which puts into practice the thoughts of founder Amano Teiyu; &Have good intentions and clear thoughts, nurture rich sentiment, furnish knowledge and skills, and maintain one’s health. The kind of person we want to nurture is a person who is able to picture such an ideal and who makes sincere efforts to attain it.