Extension Center

The Extension Center contributes to society by making the results of the university’s educational research widely available to society and by carrying out educational activities for all people who study at the university. The Center was established in 2003 with the aim of developing Dokkyo as a university open to the public. With this goal in mind, the Center is actively engaged in a range of programs, including lifelong learning, joint projects with local authorities, and career development events.

Open College (lifelong learning courses)

Image:Open College Courses

The Center offers lifelong learning courses to the general public. Each year, nearly 170 courses are offered in six categories, including liberal arts, life planning, business, qualifications, sports, and languages. Separately, free Open College special lecture courses are held twice a year. Open College courses are attended by people of all ages and walks of life, ranging from teens to seniors in their 80s, housewives to businessmen to retirees. They come from Tokyo and six prefectures. Approximately 2,600 people take the courses each year. In cooperation with Soka City, the Center also offers three Japanese language courses to foreigners.

Joint projects with local authorities

  • Public lectures
  • Dispatch of instructors to local authorities
  • Disaster prevention classes, class A fire prevention manager workshops, etc.