Community Activities

In 2007, Dokkyo University commenced cooperation with Soka City, its home city, for the purpose of rich town development. We also have relationships with Saitama Prefecture, as well as the neighboring towns of Yashio City and the Adachi District of Tokyo.

Dokkyo University was established in the Sakae-cho area of Soka City in 1964, and since then we have advanced together with the local people. We have been participating in various activities with local citizens because we want to utilize the expert knowledge and power of local youth to create a community that is living-friendly, working-friendly, and learning-friendly. We have established open college courses co-hosted by Soka City, and recently we have also established courses in “Soka City Residents Autonomy,” “Soka City Residents Autonomy Follow-up,” and “Thinking About the Autonomy of the Future”. These are co-hosted by the city’s Sogo Seisaku (“General Policy Planning”) Division, and the “Soka City Development NPO Bond of Aspiration School” course co-hosted by Minna de Machi-zukuri (“Developing The City with Everyone”) Division. We also cooperate with the course administration of Soka Shimin Daigaku (“Soka Citizen’s College”), established in September 2005, by recommending instructors and promotion committees. Also, since 2000, we have been conducting student volunteer activities to help with English activities at three neighboring Soka municipal elementary schools. These activities received approval, and in 2006, we received the College Cooperation Award at the All-Japan Urban Renaissance City Development Conference in 2006.

Open College Courses

Since the foundation of Dokkyo University, we have been cooperating with Soka City to conduct lifelong learning activities. Dokkyo University Open College is one of the main activities, and in recent years we have had over 170 courses with an annual average of 2,600 people in attendance. We are providing learning opportunities for people of various ages, places of residence, and employment.

High School Speech Contest

At Dokkyo University, we hold two foreign language speech contests every year for the purpose of giving high school students the opportunity to feel closer to the foreign language. The English Speech Contest, which started in 1989, has been well-received as the nation’s best, in terms of both the scale and the level of the participants. From 2013 it was renamed “The English Presentation Contest”, and has become a contest of English presentation skills in addition to speech skills. The German Speech Contest was started in 1999. There is no other nation-wide speech contest like this one that targets German and high school students, and it is a very unique event that could only be made possible by a university like Dokkyo with such a long history with Germany. We have also held “Introductory German for High School Students” during summer vacations for over ten years now.