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Searching candidates for part-time teaching positions at the Faculty of International Liberal Arts(1/30)

Searching candidates for part-time teaching positions at the Faculty of International Liberal Arts(1/30)

Dokkyo University (Faculty of International Liberal Arts) 獨協大学国際教養学部

CLASSES to be taught:
(1) English I & II (1st year Integrated English),
(2) English III & IV (2nd year Integrated English),
(3) Advanced Academic English (3rd year)


(1) Tuesday 2nd and Friday 2nd period;
(2) Tuesday 1st and Friday 3rd period;
(3) Tuesday 3rd period 火曜日1限・2限・3限・金曜日2限・3限

QUALIFICATIONS (all obligatory):
(1) Master's degree in TESOL/TEFL or relevant fields 英語教育もしくは関連分野で修士号を取得していること,
(2) Preferably teaching experience at university level in Japan 国内の大学相当教育機関において教育歴を有することが望ましい,
(3) A person who can and is willing to teach in English 熱意を持って英語で授業を行うことができること,
(4) A person with a working knowledge of the Japanese language 業務に関わる日本語の運用能力を有すること,
(5) [in case of PhD student] 4th year grade or above after entering a doctoral course 大学院博士課程学生の場合は就任時に在籍4年目以上であること.

DATE of employment:
1st of April, 2015 - 31st of March, 2016 (renewable by mutual agreement 以後相互了解により更新可能)

(1) Cover letter in English explaining the policy in ELT 英語教育に対する理念を記した英文カバーレター,
(2) Curriculum Vitae 履歴書 (Please indicate the courses you have taught 既担当授業名を明記のこと),
(3) List of publications 業績表 (Please enclose copies of 2 selective publications from the list: academic books or articles published in academic journals 学術的な著書もしくは論文の写しを2点同封すること).
*(2) and (3) must follow the university's format 履歴書及び業績表は大学指定の様式(下記サイトよりダウンロード可)を用いること. The forms can be downloaded from the university's website (http://www.dokkyo.ac.jp/recruit/index_j.html).

DEADLINE for submission of application:
Thursday, 5th of March, 2015 by which to complete delivery 3月5日(木)必着.

SEND application materials to:
Head of Department YASUI Ichiro, Department of Interdisciplinary Studies, Faculty of International Liberal Arts, Dokkyo University, 1-1 Gakuen-cho, Soka-shi, Saitama-ken 340-0042; marked "Part-Time English Teaching Position(IE)" in red.
〒340-0042 埼玉県草加市学園町1-1 獨協大学国際教養学部言語文化学科長 安井一郎宛.「英語非常勤講師(IE)応募」と朱書すること.

AMMA Kazuo (ammakazuo[AT]mac.com), Coordinator of the English Program, Department of Interdisciplinary Studies, Faculty of International Liberal Arts.
国際教養学部言語文化学科英語科目コーディネーター 安間一雄

(1) Digital application will not be accepted. 電子メールでの応募は受理しない.
(2) Include in the CV a telephone number AND an email address that you can be reached at on Friday, 6th of March, 2015. 3月6日(金)に連絡可能な電話番号と電子メールアドレスを履歴書に付記すること.
(3) Only short-listed candidates will be contacted; they will be interviewed on Monday, 9th of March, 2015. 書類審査の結果は通過者のみに対して行う.該当者には3月9日(月)に面接審査を行う. [Transportation fee will not be reimbursed 交通費は支給しない.]
(4) Academic publications submitted can be returned on request together with post-stamped and self-addressed
envelope. 業績の写しは原則として返却しないが,希望する場合は切手を貼付した返信用封筒を同封すること.
(5) Applicants working for (or will be working for) other departments at
Dokkyo University are not eligible for the present position 獨協大学の他学科にて勤務する者およびその予定のある者は本件に応募できない.
(6) Recruitment may be terminated in case a proper candidate is found. 募集期間中であっても人員が充足された場合は募集を停止することがある.